As a brand it is important to us to ensure we are clear about who we are and what we stand for. Design Principles are a set of considerations that form the basis of any good product. For us Design Principles help us as a brand with decision making in terms of what products to launch next.


Our design principles across all our categories is to make our products simple and easy to use.


All our packaging and branding across various touch points is considered with textures and colours representative of differing skin tones. We love the work of Seth Godin who talks in more detail about how brands can become  remarkable in his book Purple Cow.


When creating the name Bonum Pellis [Latin for good skin] we were very mindful of wanting to create something that had substance and meaning.  We found that when asking people to say the word out loud, we would have people saying "BOWNUM PELIE" or "BONUM PALEE" sometimes using a french accent or ‘Upper Received Pronunciation’ or  colloquially termed ‘posh’. By creating curiosity our aim  was to aid memory retention and recall. More on the research in this area can be found here: Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

We end with a quote which we believe to be true. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein


As a brand it is important for us to inspire and be inspired. For us we are very clear about what inspires us which is:


One of our brand idols  Aesop's Taxonomy of Design: sums up what we also believe.  "Our sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of Aesop’s workings. We believe unequivocally that well-considered design improves our lives."